Decentralized subscription management for dApps on Algorand

Create and manage flexible on-chain subscriptions for your users.
Powered by Algorand

Features overview

Integrate subscription payment processing and management into your app with a few lines of code. Subtopia handles the heavy lifting so you can focus on your product.
Utility as a Service
Create a subscription service in minutes with our platform. We offer flexible configuration options to suit your needs, whether you want time-based or unlimited subscription plans.
Easy Integration
Integrate our platform into your website with our simple yet flexible SDKs and APIs. Advanced users can leverage our Algorand ABI interface to interact with the platform from their own dApps for quick on-chain subscription membership lookups.
Our platform operates entirely on the Algorand blockchain, ensuring secure and fast transactions. You own your Product (Subscription Management Infrastructure), and your data is securely persisted on a public ledger.

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